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John Howard gained Caludon Castle by his father's marriage to Margaret Mowbray after the death of heirless Thomas Mowbray. John's support of King Richard II earned him the vacant title of Duke of Norfolk and later Earl Marshall of England. With the return of Henry Bolingbroke from exile the war of the roses started and the Howard ownership died with John Howard and King Richard at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 when all his estates including Caludon were given by Henry to the Earl of Shrewsbury, Gilbert Talbot in return for his support.

Sir Robert Howard
Born 1384 Stoke Neyland, Suffolk
Died 1/4/1437


Margaret Mowbray
Born 1387 Norfolk
Died 8/7/1425

John Howard (1st Duke of Norfolk)
Earl Marshall of England
Born 1420 Tendring, Essex
Died 22/8/1485 Bosworth field, Leics
Owned Caludon 1432-1485

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