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Robin Hood

There aremany legends concerning the birth, life and death of Robin Hood with many places claiming him as their own. Researchers have his origins in places as diverse as Nottingham, Loxley, Yorkshire and Huntingdon (Scotland) to name but a few. In 1746 however one researcher, Dr William Stukeley, thought he had found the real origins of Robin.

Dr Stukeleybelieved that Robin may have been Robert Fitzodo also known as Robert Fitzooth
The first historical mention of R.obin Hood is in a poem called "Visions of Piers Plowman" by William Langford 1377  in the poem there is a line where Sloth (a priest) admits he doesn't know his Paternoster but knows plenty of ballads about Robin Hood and Randulf (Randolph or Ranulph), Earl of Chester.Later writings give the birthplace of Robin as Locksley (Loxley) and his Title as Robert (Robin) Earl of Huntingdon.

So where doesCaludon Castle fit in? The Earls Of Chester were the Blondeville (blunderville) family descendants of Norman invaders who owned  land around Britain including a castle at Caludon (now part of Coventry). Between 1181 and 1232 Randolf De Blunderville Earl of Chester (born 1172) was resident at Caludon. Randolf married Matilda Fitzrobert and they had a son Hugh (De Kevillioc) who married Bertrade D'Everaux (De Montfort)
They had a daughter Maud of Chester who married (26th Aug 1190) to David de Huntingdon (born 1144 died 17th June 1219)

David marched  against King John in support of King Richard and most stories put Robin Hood in the same era. David had a son Robert Fitzodo (Fitzooth) (de Huntingdon) .
Robert was born in Loxley, Warwickshire where legend says  Robin was born. Robert was Earl of Huntingdon as legend also has Robin and the clincher, Robert Fitzooth was declared an outlaw and all his lands confiscated and given to Randolf, Earl of Chester, the two being mentioned side by side in the first reference to Robin which was Langford's poem.

Most stories of Robin include King Richard the Lionheart and King John. Robert Huntingdon, unlike many other candidates for Robin, was  alive during this period 1189-1216 and into Henry the III's reign, 1216 onwards.

Family Tree

Randolf De Gurnon (Des Mechines) Earl of Chester, Duke of Lancaster Born 1099 Normandy, France         Died 16th Dec 1153

 Owner of Caludon 1128 - 1153

Married 1141

Maud Fitzrobert

Born 1120 Gloucester Died 29th July 1189

Hugh De Kevillioc Lord Lt of Ireland Earl of Chester

Born 1147 Kevillioc, Wales

Died 30th June 1181

Owner of Caludon 1156 - 1181


Bertrade De Montfort (D'Everaux)
Born 1150 France
Died 12/7/1189 Everaux, France

Randulf Blundeville
Earl Of Chester, Earl Of Richmond
Born 1172 Oswestry, Powis Wales
Died 28/10/1232 Wallingford, Berks
Owner Caludon Castle 1181-1232

Maud (Blunderville) of Chester
Born 1171
Died 6/1/1233


David De Huntingdon
Born 1144 Huntingdon Hunts
Died 17/6/1219 Yardley Northants

Robert (Robin)
Earl of Huntingdon
Born ???? Loxley
Died 1247


Born 1207
Married 1222
to Helen

Died 1228
Married 1209 to
Alan Lord of Galloway

Born 1199 Hunts
Died 1251
Married to
Robert De Bruce

Matilda (Maud)

Married to
Henry De Hastings

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